World Yoga Alliance

We are an International Yoga Organization for registration of Yoga Teachers and Schools from all traditions and stiles; we are based in India and Thailand. WYA also has Divisions in European & American countries as well as WYA Member Yoga Organizations and Institutes across the world. Countries include Greece, Cyprus, The Netherland, Hungary, United States, Central America, and Latin American countries, Spain, Lisbon Portugal, Argentina, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada!

WYA Head division consists of a group of professional doctrines whom have studied for over 79 years and have practiced Yoga in the field and have created this organization to share the expertise of our knowledge. University Accreditation in all aspects of philosophy, Ayurveda medicine, asana practice and life dedication to Yoga as enabled us to set a high standard of teaching practice for anyone who joins one of our training courses regardless of which country you may be attending your yoga course.



To Promote and share the knowledge of authentic Yoga practices worldwide, WYA setting worldwide standards of Yoga for practitioners, teachers and Yoga Organizations.

We want to ensure that all trainee students are provided by our dedicated teams of professional Yoga teachers and well established yoga organizations with the necessary skills, knowledge and guidance of how to become an effective professional yoga teacher.

We offer support, and an opportunity to be a part of this Yoga family, living yoga lifestyles happy and with your fullest potential. As a registered Yoga teacher you have access and future possibilities with all the yoga organizations around the world, as well as an internationally recognized accreditation that can be taken where ever you go. You become a part of the WYA family and carry its name forward.

Our main objective is to spread the knowledge of good yoga practices and principles around the world, as an authorized and well established Yoga Institute our name is recognized and understood as one with high standards and professional teachers.

We build a community of Yoga Organizations around the world who will enhance people’s life by giving them access to the authentic Yoga traditions and practices. We welcome you.


Our Vision:

We aim to build a worldwide community of yoga teachers, Yoga Therapists and Affiliated Member Organizations/ Institutes that work towards achieving high ethical practices as well as individual and group spiritual growth, working with all Yoga principles in practice.

WYA aims to provide a worldwide network of professional Yoga Teacher Training Accreditation, Professional Yoga Organizations/Institutes that follow the Principles of Yoga to further enhance the worldwide development of all traditional Yoga practices.

It is our desire that high achievable standards are set by all our trainee students from our WYA Member and partner organizations. Once you complete your training under WYA Certification, you can apply for WYA registration and become part of this worldwide network of Yoga Professionals, reduced registration fee – 25% via using WYA ID Number.

WYA aims to provide each student with a qualitative Yoga training course following a syllabus prepared by us to maintain qualitative standards, ensuring the success of the student as a yoga teacher. We prepare students to become Yoga teachers in their own lives in an effective and efficient manner.

We want you the trainee to understand and improve all your yoga knowledge during any of the WYA training courses you attend. We offer future possibilities in yoga placement internships, a network of like-minded professional and Annual International conferences to ensure you the trainee student are receiving the most from your yoga experience in order that you can be confident as a practicing yoga teacher in the future.

We also offer franchising opportunities once you become registered and established as your own institute/school/studio/center or yoga organization.