Fee Details

Welcome to the Fee details page for Registration and Certification with WYA as a Yoga Teachers, Schools and students or as a Partnership. Here you can view all information on the various membership requirements. Please note that registration or certification include with Lifetime membership only.

Refunds are not given after registration. There are no exceptions. Please be certain of your registration and certification, why you are registering and with whom! We have no affiliation with any other Institutions, Alliances or yoga associations nor do we follow or copy the same platform or policies as those organizations. Take more time (if you’re not sure) to explore who World Yoga Alliance (WYA) is before making your decisions. For example, please read our “About us” Page to know more details about us.

World Yoga Alliance is committed to making its services accessible International level. The registration fees will manage our member’s online registry public profile, application and registration administrative costs.

Additional Details:

Registration fee is valid for Lifetime.
Annual Renewal Fee is not required, but Member must notify every Third year.

Acceptable Payments Methods:

  • (*)Bank Transfer: If you choose the option for pay your Membership fee by Bank Transfer or wire transfer all Payments must be net of bank and transfer fees. Transferring by bank service, please make sure you also pay for the bank and transfer fees. (Ensure your name and details are clearly marked on the deposit description so that WYA can track this).
  • (*) PayPal: If you wish to pay the remaining amount via PayPal, please add a surcharge of 4 % to the total of the remaining amount.
  • If you have problems to pay your booking/registration fee please contact us for other payment possibilities.
  • We do not accept checks, payments made over the phone.
    • Registration fee and Bank details are available on the application form.

When you’re ready, learn how to register with WYA.

Registration and Membership Fee

Please confirm that you meet all application requirements prior to submitting payment. For any query, please contact us.


Description & DesignationsTotal Fee In Euro (€)Total Fee In USD ($)
1 – Individual Teacher Registration as RTY – 200, RTY – 300, RTY – 500 hrs. Levels €250 $275
2 – School Registration as RSY – 200, RSY – 300, RSY – 500 hrs. Levels €250 $275
3 – Institution Registration as RSY & RTY for all Designations. €400 $450
4 – Convert Registration into WYA as a Yoga School (RSY) - €200 $225
5 – Convert Registration into WYA as an Individual Yoga Teacher (RTY) - €200 $225
6 – Convert Registration as a Yoga School and Yoga Teacher (both) RSY, RTY €380 $430
7 – Special Designations: RKYT

(Registered Kids Yoga Teacher) - Only for Certified Yoga Teachers
€190 $211
8 – Special Designations: RKYS

(Registered Kids Yoga School)
€250 $275
9 – Special Designations: YTP Registration (Yoga Teacher of Prenatal) - Only for Certified Yoga Teachers €190 $211
10 – Special Designations: RAYS (Registered Aerial Yoga School) €250 $275
11 – Special Designations: RAYT (Registered Aerial Yoga Teacher) - Only for Certified Yoga Teachers €190 $211
12 – Special Designations: YSP Registration (Yoga School of Prenatal) €250 $275
13 - Normal Yoga Studio / Yoga Center Registration: It is Annual fee
€150 $165
14 - Registration fee for WYA Certified Yoga Teachers (Only For WYA Teacher ID Holders) - €190 $210
15 - WDH Application €4,100 $4,500