WYA’s Board of Directors

Acharya Satyapati ji: INDIA

He is a “Co-Founder of World Yoga Alliance” Basically he is a Traditional Sanskrit & Kriya Yoga Master past 35 Years. He left his home from the age of 13th then he entered the Pure environment in the Gurukulam there he learnt about Sanskrit Vyakaran Acharya from the Arsh study. He has a great yoga teaching experience with Great yogis in all over the India. His rapport with India's most famous and spiritual Yogis.

- Highest Degree:

Ph.D. in “Sanskrit Language” from INDIA
Swami Dharm: Thailand

He is a “Community President of World Yoga Alliance” also certified "Yoga Master Degree holder" from the GKV University Haridwar. (India) and currently teaching in Professional Yoga classes & Training with WYA Organization. He has yoga teaching experience more than 11 years.

- Highest Degree:

Ph.D. in “Women health & Yoga Therapy” from INDIA (Pursuing)
Dimitris Papapetrou: Cyprus

He is the Co-Founder of Yoga Europe School and the “Managing Director of World Yoga Alliance Europe”. He is one of the main Yoga Teachers with standard of 200, 300 and 500 hour Teacher Training Courses organized by WYA Yoga Europe. Moreover Dimitris has organized many Yoga workshops and Yoga retreats throughout Europe. He believes that the love of the heart is endless and love for human has no limits. His motto is “There is nothing impossible to him who will try”.
Claudia Heijdel: The Netherlands

She is a “Director and a representative of World Yoga Alliance in The Netherland” also the founder of WYA Do-In Yoga Community and Basically Claudia is experienced Do-In Yoga Teacher. She is authorized to register other yoga teachers and yoga schools across in The Netherland on behalf of the WYA Community for Global Membership.
Mrs. Ananya Titnantabut: Thailand

She is a “Director and a representative of World Yoga Alliance” in Thailand; also the founder of “WYA Thailand Yoga Community”. She is experienced Yoga Teacher. She is one of the main Yoga Teachers to organized in Thailand with standard of 200, 300 and 500 hour WYA Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Our Committees

Our WYA committee members are volunteers who advise our “Board of Directors” as representatives of the yoga community. Annually, WYA official staff will reach out to the community to solicit and select members.  

Our Registered Teachers / Schools / Graduates are able to become a committee member via using Member ID Number.

There are five major committees following as –  

  • Education Development Committee
  • Standard Management Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Member Benefits Committee
  • Advisory Committee